CT4-1 Series Smart Safes


CT4-1 series smart safes are a perfect balance of high security and small footprint.  They are perfect for retailers processing less than about $20,000 in cash per week in the standard depth size.  For those needing double the capacity in a small size, we have an extra deep variant. 

Basic Specifications

Standard 1200 Note capacity

Dimensions: 20.6″H x 7.2″W x 18″D

Weight: 100 lbs

Deep 2200 Note capacity

Dimensions: 23.6″H x 7.2″W x 24″D

Weight: 125 lbs

*For detailed specification and  configuration options, please download datasheet by clicking button below.

Accessories / Options

  • 10″ Riser (for standard 1200 note safe)
  • 7″ Riser (for deep 2200 note safe)
  • Thermal Printer
  • fobID™ or iButton access fobs

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