Remote Monitoring and Control with Web Services

Web services integrations are what enable smart safe activities to be reformatted for use with other systems such as bank statements and reports, armored car pickup notifications, and service ticket generation.

They are also essential for the remote management of equipment.  Users can be added remotely and their privileges adjusted.  Configurations are remotely adjustable.  Firmware is remotely updateable.

In the diagram below, click the numbered labels to explore the technologies we use for web services.

Embedded Cellular VComm™ Remote Management Data Analytics

Embedded Cellular

(1) A long-range, high reliability 4G cellular modem is installed directly on to our control electronics. The modem calls the cell tower upon the completion of every activity that occurs at the safe.  The equipment can also be configured to call web services at regular intervals with a "heartbeat" signal.

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(2) VComm™ is our proprietary protocol between web services and our smart safe equipment.  The link is AES encrypted and uses a compact data format that reduces cellular network data.

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Remote Management

(3) We provide an array of VComm™ library tools to interface with modern web service platforms.

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Data Analytics

(4)  Our cloud data analytics engine monitoring safe performance over months of usage.  Detected service problems can be directly communicated to field technicians.

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Embedded Cellular       F

Cellular Modems offer simple, secure connectivity for equipment to remote monitoring services.  With the latest internet of things (IoT) class modems, signal penetrates deeper into buildings, cellular data plans are more affordable, and data is more protected than ever before.

We have integrated cellular modems directly on our safe controller.  The modems are compatible with all major cellular carriers.


VComm™                   F

VComm™ is the proprietary interface between web services and our smart safes.  The platform was inspired by the highly data efficient vending data exchange (DEX) protocol.  Over the generations, it has been enhanced with extra security and capability.


Remote Management    F

Several major smart safe web service providers are fully certified to interface to our equipment.  These integrations make it possible to monitor, control, and configure in near real-time.

We offer VComm™ libraries to interpret events reported by the safe as well as to write commands, configurations, or firmware updates back to the safe.

The summarized view of safe performance, analytics, and real time support is encompassed in our CTCore™ web application.




Data Analytics                F

Managing a large field base of connected equipment results in lots of useful data.

This data can tell you a variety of things such as if there is a cellular outage in a particular region, whether equipment is in need of service, or if a machine is being tampered with.

We use a powerful computer analytics platform, Splunk, to distill data into a single easily monitorable dashboard.