Protection Against Theft

Smart Safes add value by tracking funds stored inside them between armored car collections.  An effective smart safe will therefore store significant quantities of cash, oftentimes equating to a week or more of accumulated cash revenue.  It is imperative that the equipment be fortified against theft, especially in stores that are not staffed 24/7.

In the diagram below, click the numbered labels to explore the technologies we use to protect smart safes against attack.

Rolled Hinges Security Anchors 6DBT Lock Siren Anti-Pry Internal Battery Anti-Saw

Rolled Hinges

(6) Our doors and safe side-wall roll together to form a hinging joint.  This construction results in a low profile, high strength design that eliminates pry points and makes door attacks dramatically more difficult and time consuming.

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Security Anchors

(7) High strength floor anchors placed at four positions into a poured concrete foundation ensures the equipment remains in place.  Anchors with security drives are also available.

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6DBT Lock

(3) Our patented Six Dimensional Bolt Trap locking system provides the highest level of door security in the industry.  Communications to the locks is fully encrypted.

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(4) An ultra loud siren is mounted within the safe to act as a local deterrent to any attempted theft.  The safe's electronic security system uses a number of tamper detection sensors and is configurable with remote management tools.

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(1) The use of 1/2" thick doors with reinforced stiffeners, small gaps, wrap around flanges, and our 6DBT bolt trapping system creates superior resilience to prybar and sledge hammer attacks.

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Internal Battery

(5) The internal battery serves as a backup power supply which allows for full operation of the safe's security system in the event of a power outage or AC plug removal.  Cellular communications to web services also communicates in realtime the presence of the power outage and any events that occur during the outage.

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(2) A series of reinforcements within the steel door of the safe significantly slow down a reciprocating saw attack.

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Anti-Pry                      F

The majority of attacks on smart safe equipment are done using brute force with hand tools such as crow bars and sledge hammers.  Anti pry resilience comes from the design of the safe walls, doors, bolt mechanisms and hinges all having proper thickness and stiffness to withstand thousands of pounds of repetitive impact.

Anti-Saw                   F

The prevalence of low cost portable power tools has increased  the number of reciprocating saw, drill, and grinder attacks on smart safe equipment.  Fortifications within the steel doors add significant delays to perpetrators of this type of attack.  

An array of power tool sensors around the safe are available to detect early signs of attack to provide remote awareness and a piercing siren alert.


6DBT Locks               F

Ellenby’s patented Six Dimensional Bolt Trap Locking System (6DBT) provides three dimensions of mechanical trapping coupled with three dimensions of electronic monitoring.

    1. Bolt to Door
    2. Bolt to Wall
    3. Bolt to Lock
    4. Lock Position Monitor
    5. Bolt Position Monitor
    6. Tamper Monitor

The 6DBT system provides

  • Tracking of all door opening events
  • Real-time intrusion monitoring for lock and door
  • Communications to the locks are fully encrypted
  • All electronics mounted to side wall of the safe [no wiring across door hinge]

Siren                        F

Dual sirens mounted inside the smart safe housing produce in excess of 110dB when measured 3 feet away.  That is about the same loudness as a chainsaw but at a much less pleasant high pitch.  

The siren informs intruders that the safe has electronically detected their break-in attempt and serves to both slow and disorient any continued efforts as well as to inform intruders that their attempt has been communicated to remote monitoring centers.

The siren remains powered even operating off of our battery backup system.


Internal Battery           F

The security system of the safe consists of tamper detection sensors, a local siren, the safe controller, and a cellular modem to communicate security events to a remote monitoring center.  All these features require power to operate making the power source itself an integral part of the safe’s anti-theft system.  We secure a backup battery inside our safes such that your safe is protected even when the AC line cord is ripped away.

The internal battery is perpetually kept charged when the AC line is present, and is sized to operate the security system for several days.

We optionally offer a larger battery pack that is capable of powering the bill validators during an outage long enough to fill the entire bill cassette.


Rolled Hinges              F

Safe door hinges are often a target of attack.  Ellenby has invented a solution that eliminates a vulnerable door hinge by rolling our door and sidewall directly around a solid stainless rod.


Floor Anchors            F

Security anchors are 1/2″ in diameter and affix our equipment onto a poured concrete foundations at four or more positions (depending on safe model).  

These anchors are designed to rip the concrete out of the ground before the anchor releases.  They perform formidably against attempts to rip a safe from the ground.