Experience Ellenby Cash Management

Cash usage in everyday transactions is on the decline in the United States.  Years ago, retailers collected piles of banknotes each day which had to be meticulously counted, audited, and prepared for delivery to a bank.  Large high-speed counting equipment, frequent armored car pickups, or manager car rides to the local bank branch were needed.
Today, with more modest quantities of cash being used for payment, the infrastructure for processing cash has begun to atrophy.  Bank branches are charging fees for cash deposits, armored car companies are charging higher premiums for daily pickup, and the ROI for high speed cash counting equipment is increasingly hard to justify.
The majority of the current retail environment is ideally suited for cash management equipment catering to modest volumes of cash.  Ellenby’s equipment is designed for Security, Simplicity, and Serviceability and has all the integrations to link to remote management services and be customizable with modern user authentication and interface methods.
Please explore elements of the Ellenby cash management experience below.


Cash management solutions are for customers who prefer full managed services or those who self-manage. Both types of customers have a variety of equipment options, interfaces, and system integrations available.

Core Design User Interface Server Interface Full Service Solution Self Service Solution Retail Location Monitoring Center Bank / Vault Self Managed Retailer

Core Design

Our cash management equipment is all built with careful consideration to Security, Simplicity, and Serviceability.

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User Interface

CTConnect allows safe users to leverage their own software applications operating on a device in close proximity and interface directly with our equipment using an encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy link.

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Server Interface

Vcomm is Ellenby's lightweight communication link that sends all safe activities to cloud services.  We have a number of certified third party integrations with web services partners that enable financial report generation to banks, inform armored car companies of smart safe status, and run powerful data analytics for remote troubleshooting.

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Full Service Solution

Smart safes can be part of a turn-key solution for one monthly fee where money placed into the safe at the retail location is electronically deposited in your bank account each day.  The solution provider determines when to collect the money and transport it to the vault - typically once a week.

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Self Service Solution

Smart Safes eliminate the hassle of bank deposit preparation in that each note is already validated and counted.  Users or hired courier services may bring cash to the bank themselves at their convenience with an automatically generated deposit slip from the safe.  We offer a line of Smart Transport Bags that can offer full end-to-end accountability of your cash from your shop to the bank.

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Retail Location

Smart safes are a great fit for stores that have concerns with their cash handling processes.  Cash management without automation can be time consuming and the source of anxiety out of concern for both employee theft and robbery.  Smart Safes make accepting cash as convenient as handling electronic forms of payment at a fraction of the price.

Monitoring Center

Solution providers, service companies, and retail management may all have the need to know data from their smart safe deployment.  Using web services, reports and statistics can be viewed and safe configurations can be updated.

Bank / Vault

Increasingly, banks have partnered with armored car companies to manage large cash deposits.  In a full service smart safe program, armored car companies are typically delivering your currency to their own vault operated on behalf of the bank.  Walk-to-bank deposit customers are often subjected to cash deposit fees that can be offset by bringing pre-validated deposits from smart safe equipment.

Self Managed Retailer

Some retailers prefer not to use full service cash management solutions and instead opt to bring their cash to the bank themselves.  These retailers typically are located in close proximity of a bank branch.

As an engineering and manufacturing company,

Ellenby is deeply involved in all aspects of core cash management equipment.  We ensure your cash is highly secure, the equipment is easy to use, and is built to withstand the rigors of the retail environment.

Apart from the core equipment capabilities, a retail cash management solution requires seamless interconnectivity between the equipment and information technology systems.

These systems may involve other the use of products and services of other companies.  In the store, at the front end, POSPoint of Sale systems, security systems, and smart phones significantly enhance smart safes capabilities.

Interfaces to web services at the back end support automatic bank account credits based on deposit data, real-time alert monitoring, and remote management tools.

Right Size your cash management solution

Businesses interested in turn-key solutions to take cash payments and convert them into useable funds in their bank account as efficiently and painlessly as possible are ideally suited for a Full Service cash management solution.

For businesses more interested in removing the risk and tediousness associated with cash management but willing to still take the time to bring their cash to a bank or cash drop off location, there are Self Managed approaches.