Controlling Access

Ensuring only authorized people can access equipment compartments and view or modify safe data is essential to securing its contents against internal theft.  Ellenby offers an array of options for securely interfacing with our equipment that are robust, convenient, and flexible to expansion.

In the diagram below, click the numbered labels to explore the technologies we use to enable rich interfacing with our smart safes.

Keypad Display fobID iButton CTConnect Separate Service Door Lockable Envelope Drop Storage Locker

Keypad Display

(1) The KP4 keypad display is a highly robust, spill resistant interface.  All typical safe operations can be completed at the keypad with a minimal number of key presses.

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(2) fobIDs are wireless fobs assigned to trusted users of the safe. They feature sophisticated encryption that makes them extremely resilient to spoofing.  With the press of a button on the fob, users can authenticate themselves with the safe and begin their configured default activity.  User permissions are configurable at the safe or through remote management tools.  A lost fobID can therefore be deactivated to maintain the security of the safe.

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(3) iButtons are used extensively by armored car and service companies with security equipment.  Our iButtons are encoded with a special encrypted factory code that lets us know they are officially factory issued keys.  Each iButton is also uniquely registered which allows for deactivating a missing key.

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(4) CashTrak Connect (CTConnect) is our Bluetooth low energy protocol that extends our safe user interface to touchscreen displays such as tablets and smartphones.  The protocol is designed to be highly secure against attempted hacking. We offer an API for integration with smart devices.

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Separate Service Door

Ellenby's patented separate service compartment allows for clearing of validator jams, or performing other typical types of safe maintenance while restricting access to the cash.

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Lockable Envelope Drop

Envelope drop slot with an electronically lockable slot door.  This feature allows for forced pre-registration of manual drop envelopes prior to allowing the envelope drop.

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Storage Locker

Storage lockers are useful for storing boxes of rolled coin and small bills for change, for receipts, coupons, or for un-validated cash deposits.

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KP4 Interface                 F

The CashTrak Keypad 4 Interface (KP4) houses an array of high tech features in an unassuming package.  This interface is hard wired to the safe controller and built to withstand the rigors of a fast-paced retail environment.  As the name suggests, the KP4 enables four methods of interaction with the safe controller:

    1. Direct button presses and menu navigation with the display itself
    2. Reads iButton keys for fast, secure authentication of authorized users and then to trigger a pre-configured default activity
    3. Reads fobIDs to wirelessly identify an authorized user and trigger a pre-configured activity with the highest level of security.
    4. Enables expansion of monitoring and control features with a touchscreen via CTConnect


iButton                          F

iButtons are a popular fob used throughout the security industry today due to their small size, robust packaging, and available data security.   They were introduced in the early 90’s by Dallas Semiconductor (Now owned by Maxim Integrated Products Inc.).  Background on iButton applications and construction can be found here.

Ellenby’s issued iButtons have no internal battery and so will never need replacing.  They contain a unique identifier code and an Ellenby-factory encrypted signature that ensures the iButton being read by the KP4 is factory-licensed.

iButtons can either be assigned to individual users or they can be used as a required credential in the cash collection process.


    fobID™                          F

    fobIDs are Ellenby’s proprietary user authentication devices that feature higher security and improved convenience over traditional iButtons.

    These devices cannot be duplicated or spoofed and feature state of the art encryption.

      With the press of a button on the fobID, a user begins a smart safe session and launches the preconfigured activity.   For our Transport Products, the proximity of one or more registered fobIDs are monitored and recorded to maintain chain of custody.

      CTConnect™               F


      CashTrak™ Connect (CTConnect™) is a comprehensive library of control commands and data exchange between our safe controller and smart devices.  

      The library is especially suited for a wireless Bluetooth Low Energy connection to smart devices across all the major platforms.  

      With CTConnect™, partners can create their own user interfaces into our safes and more thoroughly integrate their equipment or services with the smart safe data.

      Separate Service Door       F


      Routine maintenance activities such as clearing bill jams, replacing the internal battery backup, or swapping out any of the control electronics can all be achieved by opening our service door.  As an extra convenience for technicians, a service LED light illuminates the compartment when the door is opened.

      With Ellenby’s patented service access technology, when the service door is open, the cash remains out of reach and protected.  In this way, service personnel are able to perform their work without risk of theft.

      Lockable Envelope Drop        F

      Envelope drop slots come standard on some models without any locking door which permits anyone to pass items into the storage compartment of the safe at any time.

      When adding a lockable drop door, access control is restricted to users who are authorized to perform the drop and who register the contents of the drop with the safe. 

      Storage Locker                    F

      Access control can be flexibly assigned to storage lockers. 

      Some customers use storage lockers as a place to store unvalidated currency and checks that are accessible only to armored car service guards who collect their contents along with the validated cash.

      Other customers use these lockers as storage for a store’s change fund of rolled coin and small denomination bills.  In this instance, the door access is restricted to store managers and potentially supervisors.