Ellenby Design Philosophy

Smart safes should operate reliably and intuitively over a long service life.  They need to perform two essential tasks, protect the valuables stored inside and communicate who put what things in and out.
We scrutizine every electronic, mechanical, and software detail of our products to ensure they are adding value for our customers.  We also actively monitor the nature of all service part returns to understand performance. The result of this effort is a smart safe unlike any other in the industry.
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Core Design

The core designs of Ellenby cash management equipment is built on a foundation of Security, Serviceability, and Simplicity to provide customers with the highest lifetime value.

Core Design
Simplicity Serviceability Security


Intuitive interfaces, minimal keystrokes, and clean mechanical design.

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Long-lasting electronics, built for 24/7/365 operation, easy to service without tools and reasonable service part pricing.

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Best-in-class security without breaking the bank.

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Simplicity           F

Cash management equipment should blend seamlessly into your store – not be the center point.  Interactions with Ellenby equipment are designed to be highly intuitive and efficient.  Where more flexibility is needed, we offer expansion capabilities for control and monitoring both in close proximity to the products with CTConnect™ and remotely with VComm™.

To reduce complexity at the safe, we use an embedded safe controller designed from the ground up specifically for our cash management equipment.  Free from the hassle of commercial operating systems, our safes do not need periodic security patches or third party updates to maintain basic security from hacking.  Our onboard cellular modem enables communications to web services without the need to navigate through corporate firewalls.

To simplify the use of typical peripherals, we provide a power port on the back for thermal printers and a power port on the keypad display for external touchscreens.






Security               F

Moving from a traditional daily armored courier cash pickup to a smart safe solution where armored car collections happen only a few times a month means your store is going to be accumulating significantly more cash.  It is imperative that cash deposits are protected with state-of-the-art anti-theft technologies.

We combine a balanced approach of physical and electronic security to both quickly detect an intrusion attempt and prolong the break in time with an array of countermeasures.

Security also means permitting access to the safes information and or contents to only authorized users during authorized periods of time.  Managed smart safe solutions may have a variety of different users needing varying levels of access such as Cashiers, Supervisors, Armored Car Guards, and Service personnel.  All roles and privileges are configurable and remotely or locally manageable.  The user credential management process itself is also securely controlled using our proprietary and patent-pending routines.

Robust encryption is used not only between our safe and the outside world, but also extensively within our safe to prevent elaborate electronic hacking techniques.


Serviceability         F

For a strong return on investment with cash management equipment, it is important that the costs of maintenance and service are kept low.

Ellenby products are designed with lifetime cost of ownership prioritized.  Problems are easy to diagnose and resolve without the use of tools.  The components are designed to be robust and intuitive to work with minimizing service requirements.

Most of our smart safe models feature a dedicated service compartment where parts can be repaired, cleaned, or replaced without compromising the security of the cash.