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Engineering and manufacturing of world-class cash management equipment, proudly based in New Jersey.

The Ellenby Story

Ellenby Technologies is a garage success story.
We actually did start in Lou Frontino’s garage in 1988 designing and assembling electronics for a broad array of end applications including golf training tools using laser beams and retail store people counters. Bob Dobbins, Ellenby’s co-founder, expanded the engineering capability of the company with a line of vending machine controllers which continued to expand rapidly.
In 1995 our reputation in vending led Wawa, a major East Coast convenience store, and Brooks Armored Car Service approached us about creating a smart safe to improve their cash management processes. We pioneered into the world of smart safes and became a major provider of innovative cash management solutions. Since then Ellenby has developed a complete family of CashTrak™ smart safes for companies who use armored carriers as well as smaller retailers with “do-it-yourself” cash management and transit procedures.
Today, Ellenby operates out of a 50,000 square foot facility in Woodbury Heights, NJ. What Lou and Bob created over 30 years ago has turned into a world-class smart safe design and manufacturing company.



Ellenby products begin with a collaboration of electronics, embedded, mechanical, and software engineering.  Our team builds off our long pioneering history in the cash management industry.

Together, our engineering team holds over 20 patents with a constant stream of new patent-pending ideas.  We are fiercely driven towards the optimization of retail cash management for the modern world.

The engineering team practices the Agile Development system and is well suited to both in house and remote engineering collaboration.


The highest levels of quality and customer service are only possible with strong control over our own designs, supply chain, build scheduling, and product configurations.  At Ellenby, we manage tens of thousands of unique raw materials from the smallest resistor to the largest metal fabrication.

Material Resource Planning software and a documentation control system help us to precisely manage all our assemblies ensuring accuracy and ontime delivery.

Electronics Manufacturing

One of Ellenby’s greatest strengths is our electronics manufacturing capabilities.  This allows for unmatched flexibility in our design configurations, scheduling, and issue resolution.

We have two fully automated SMT lines and one through-hole assembly line.  Our electronics are all fully tested with in-house designed functional test fixtures.  We monitor build quality with our manufacturing test database.  Both solder quality and placement accuracy are continuously monitored with automated optical inspection and X-ray inspection.

Assembly and Test

Once our circuit boards are produced and fully tested, they are placed in mechanical enclosures and tested as subassemblies.  The subassemblies are then installed into final assemblies with cable harnesses and then final tested as a competed system.

We use an inventory management database to scan all barcoded subassemblies and associate them together with the finished product serial number.

Warehousing and Shipping

Many of our customers are solution providers that order in large volume.  We offer a warehousing service for customer inventory.  Customers provide us shipping releases and instructions to individually drop ship order to retailers.

We ship our equipment in pallets or foam lined boxes depending on requirements.  Oftentimes we will include customer-supplied branded information or instructions with the shipment.

Depot Repair Center

We service everything we sell in our depot repair center whether it is in warranty or out of warranty.  Service performed is tracked using a web-based return material authorization (RMA) platform.  This allows our customer or field service representatives to initiate and track RMAs back to Ellenby with efficiency.

In addition to servicing our own equipment, we are also service thermal printers, and are factory-certified to repair CPI and JCM branded bill validators.


Ellenby HQ

412 Grandview Ave.
Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097

Ellenby Technologies, Inc.
412 Grandview Avenue
Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097

(856) 848-2020

Visiting Ellenby?

Be advised: we are following enhanced COVID19 safety protocols which requires visitors to be fully vaccinated or masked to enter the facilities.