Self Managed Cash Cycle

For those businesses who prefer to manage their own cash rather than adopt a full service armored car solution, there are many options available to save time, improve cash visibility, and prevent theft.

Self Managed Cash Cycle
Validation in Store In Transit fobID™ Bank Branch Change Order

Validation in Store

Validation and protection of cash within the merchant store can be done with a variety of compact smart safe products optimized for self-managed cash.

For merchants that want end-to-end accountability of their cash while they are both in store and in transit to the bank or home, we have a smart transport bag featuring an onboard mobile security system.

In Transit

Cash is most vulnerable to theft while it is in transit. While moving cash between stores or from a store to a bank, we offer a line of smart transport bags to offer protection, monitoring, and even onboard cash automatic validation.


Merchants are assigned unique fobIDs™ that is their credential for operating instore equipment and establishes their custody of the smart transport bag when used to transport funds between locations.

Bank Branch

Merchants take their cash deposits periodically to a nearby bank branch to place in their accounts.  When using cash automation equipment, it is possible to arrange for advanced credit on the funds deposited while still at the store.  Advanced, or provisional credit, allows for fewer trips to the bank and less time spent managing cash.

Change Order

Merchants pickup change orders in the form of rolled coin and small denomination bill straps from the bank branch to take back with them to their stores.