Retail Cash Cycle

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Retail Cash Cycle
Smart Safe Smart Transport Bag fobID™ Armored Car Cash Vault Change Order

Smart Safe

Retailers place large denomination notes received from customers into the smart safe located near the point of sale system.  The smart safe electronically verifies the note is legitimate and then neatly stacks the note inside a cash cassette.  Once inside the smart safe, the cash is protected from both access by any store personnel and from theft.  All activities occurring with the safe are monitored and communicated to a cloud host.

At the conclusion of every drop, an electronic record is created indicating the drop amount, time of drop, and value deposited.  This electronic record is transmitted to a web portal to inform store management, armored car companies, and the store's bank.  Provisional Credit for deposits inside the safe is often granted to the merchant on a daily basis.


Smart Transport Bag

Armored car personnel arrive to the store typically once a week to remove the cash from the cash cassette within the smart safe.  Guards use their fobID™ as a credential to open the safes cash door.

To secure the cash deposit on their way back to the truck, guards can use our Smart Transport Bag which features onboard GPS, proximity tracking to the Guard's fobID, tamper sensing, and a strobing siren theft deterrent system.

All activities occurring with the smart transport bag are electronically monitored and reported to a cloud host.  From the time the guard arrives to the safe to the moment they bring the cash back to a cash vault, the continuous chain of custody is recorded.

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Ellenby's fobID™ is a robust, long life, wireless key fob that communicates the proximity of an authorized user to a piece of Ellenby cash management equipment including our Smart Safes and our Smart Transport Bags.

Each Guard's fobID™ signature is programmed into every smart safe for which guard are granted access.  Access and permissions can be modified remotely.  fobIDs™ can also be assigned to store personnel.

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Armored Car

Armored car services, also known as Cash in Transit (CIT), transports the cash deposits from the retailer location to a cash vault.  They typically will come once a week but lower volume cash users may find once every other week or even less sufficient.

Cash Vault

Armored car services deliver the cash deposits to a cash vault.  The funds are then validated a second time with high speed counting equipment.  Any discrepancies between the official cash vault count and the electronic records from the smart safes are reconciled in a variance report.  In many cases, the validators are so accurate that the count from the smart safe is guaranteed such that the retailer is not responsible for variances on validated deposits.

Change Order

Change orders are delivered back to the store consisting of small bills and rolls of coins.

These deliveries are typically made by the armored car guards at the same time they arrive to pickup the smart safe cash deposits.  Alternatively, change orders are sometimes delivered through mail or common courier services.

For convenience, open change orders can be paid for out of the smart safe deposits.

In most cases, boxes of rolled coin and small bills can fit inside our dual validator safe storage locker compartment.  For those that process lots of change in their stores, find out more about our safes designed to hold large volumes of change.