Vending Electronics

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Vending Electronics
LED Lighting Motor Drives Product Drop Sensing Compressor Coin Mechanism Bill Validator Card Reader Keypad Display Cellular Communications Control Board Ethernet Communications Power Management

LED Lighting

Ellenby produces a line of high-efficiency vending machine LED light tubes with programmable dimming behavior based on the controller state (Ellenby Patent #8,905,579).

Motor Drives

Control of each vending motor, monitoring for over current, and monitoring for motor home position.

Product Drop Sensing

Light curtain electronics monitor the vending drop chute ensuring that product is properly vended.


For refrigerated machines, our vending controllers and sensing circuits monitor and control power to compressors.

Coin Mechanism

Support for all standard coin acceptance and dispensing equipment.

Bill Validator

Our controllers integrate with a range of validator protocols from various manufacturers including those from MEI/CPI, JCM, AST, and others.

Card Reader

Our controllers are compatible with a range of non-cash payment hardware including credit card readers, as well as NFC and Bluetooth based payment readers which are increasingly part of mobile payment options.


We control all sorts of user interfaces from matrix keypads to touch screens. Our controllers also manage various keypad backlighting options.


Vending machines use a variety of display technologies to communicate product and pricing information to the customer. We have expertise interfacing to VFD, OLED, LCD, and touch panel interfaces.

Cellular Communications

Communication modules are used to remotely send product information, pricing information, and diagnostic information between host servers and the vending machine. With remote access to the data, it is possible to manage large deployments of vending machines from a single screen.

Control Board

The brains of vending machines,
Vending machine control boards are the brains of vending machines. Our electronics communicate with and control a broad range of vending machine peripherals and components.

Ethernet Communications

Network connection cards to get data to and from vending machines remotely.

Power Management

Our controllers monitor vending machine input power from low voltage magnetic transformers or high efficiency switching power supply packages. We also offer battery backup options for communications or clock management.