How We Do Business

Ellenby is an engineering and manufacturing company. We work closely with service provider partners and other technology companies to create high quality, market leading products. Ellenby products, from vending machine control boards to fully assembled smart safes, are sold through three primary channels: OEMs, Solution providers, and distributors to reach end users.

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How We Do Business
Ellenby's Activities Technology Partners Service Providers Solution Provider End Users ETI to Tech Partners Relationship ETI to Service Providers Service Partner to ETI ETI to Solution Provider Solution Provider to End User End User to Solution Provider

Ellenby's Activities

Ellenby serves in four primary capacities: Manufacturing Engineering, Depot Repair Service, and support.  Our Service and support teams rely on feedback from our service providers, end users, our sales channels, and monitored machine data.  Our depot repair center offers both in warranty and out of warranty services on any returned product from the field.  Failures are tracked and fed back to the Engineering and Manufacturing departments to improve product quality.  Engineering works with our sales channel partners to add enhancements, customizations, or altogether new designs to meet the needs of the end users.

Technology Partners

The electronics business is one of specialization.  Our area of expertise is in hardware and embedded systems design.  Our products however require a broader range of equipment and services all interacting together.  We rely on strong relationships with technology partners for critical subassemblies including validator companies, cellular modem companies, data integration / web portal companies, and a range of electronics component manufacturers.

Service Providers

Ellenby relies on service providers for field support to end users.  We have developed relationships and trained several national equipment service companies on our products.  These companies can handle swap-outs, troubleshooting, installations, and end user training.  Typically, our solution provider customers will select and bundle service contracts for the end user.

Solution Provider

Solution providers take our hardware and oftentimes attach their branding to it.  They bundle a set of services and support around the product and market a comprehensive solution to the end user.  Bundles often include web portals with financial data feeds for provisional credit, armored car pickup services, field service and support contracts, and a cash guarantee.

End Users

Ellenby is a B2B company - we sell hardware and software interfaces to our sales partners so they can create complete cash management solutions.  End users of smart safe equipment are typically convenience stores, gas stations, and restaurants looking to save money on their cash processing and reduce their risk of cash theft.  If at any time any equipment we sell is in need of service, it gets returned back to us for analysis and repair or replacement.  In this way, we continually evaluate how well our products stand up to the rigorous environments where our customers operate.  For larger end users, Ellenby has oftentimes collaborated in tandem with their solution provider to create customer-specific products.

ETI to Tech Partners Relationship

Two way collaboration is often required to interface our control electronics to various other systems that make up an end user solution.  As an example, a web portal that enables end users to view their daily smart safe deposits needs to communicate with our equipment.  We offer an API called VComm to support this effort.

ETI to Service Providers

Ellenby provides product training and replacement parts.  We offer service companies an interactive documentation portal, and provide 3rd line support for difficult field issues.

Service Partner to ETI

Service providers send back any Ellenby equipment that has been replaced from the field for depot repair at Ellenby Headquarters.  We offer a web-based return materials authorization process that allows for service techs to track the status of their returns, to see what was found to be the problem by our Ellenby factory technicians, and to receive feedback on how well they field diagnosed the problem.

ETI to Solution Provider

Ellenby manufacturers products for our sales channels in typical batches of 100 pieces or more.  We offer white-labeling, warehousing, and drop-ship services as well.  Just about all our products come with a one year warranty.

Solution Provider to End User

Solution providers sell Ellenby products packaged with other products or services including service contracts, web portals, and provisional credit programs.

End User to Solution Provider

The End Users contact the Solution Provider or their designated partners in the event of any issues with equipment or services.  The solution provider is responsible for ensuring problem resolution.