Server Interface

Capability of cash management equipment extends beyond the store with advanced remote management and monitoring tools.

Server Interface
Financial Reports Service and Performance Reports Alerts Advanced Analytics

Financial Reports

Each validated deposit is reported from the smart safe to web services.  Each day a financial summary report is generated by totaling all the deposits and sent to the participating retailer's bank.  The bank issues provisional credit to the retailer's account which effectively converts the paper currency in the safe to usable funds.

Service and Performance Reports

Web services has the ability to show a variety of useful metrics related to smart safes to stay on top of performance and health of the field base.  Things like percentage up-time, equipment errors or notices, and service history are all accessible.  Service data can be accessed by the solution provider prior to sending out a service call.


All safe transactions, door access events, tamper events, invalid login attempts, power issues, service issues, and local configuration changes are reported in real-time back to the server.  Solution providers and retailer customers can configure a variety of alerts by email or text message to be informed of security issues, cash balance threshold exceeded, or service problems as they occur.

Advanced Analytics

We combine a deep understanding of our equipment with powerful data analytics tools to provide an assessment of each machine's performance.  Our analytics platform offers insight into standard wear and tear and allows us and our partners to better address issues before they become problems.