Branded Experience User Authentication Service Tools Integration with Partner Services Simplicity Serviceability Security Financial Reporting Field Service Alert Monitoring Remote Management CTconnect Vcomm

Branded Experience

Solution providers and partners can add their own branded application for controlling and viewing many aspects of the smart safe operation.

User Authentication

Users can begin sessions with the smart safe using a tablet or smart phone device that can additionally take advantage of any onboard biometric sensors or cameras.

Service Tools

Advanced smart safe diagnostics are available to the smart device to study a broad array of operations data, usage history, and reporting.

Integration with Partner Services

Smart safe data can be shared with third party service providers such as video surveillance systems, point of sale systems, or premise security systems.


Our smart safes are designed to be simple to use.  Many common features are accomplished with a single button press.


We design and manufacture all the electronics modules that operate within our safes.  Through accessing our patented service door, all electronics can be easily swapped in a matter of a few minutes without the use of any tools.


We employ state of the art security solutions to protect cash and valuables.  A range of electronics and mechanical anti-theft features and deterrents are used throughout our equipment.

Financial Reporting

Our web services partners have reformatted deposit transactions from the safe into a report compatible with various retail banking institutions.  These reports can be used for providing early access to deposits stored within the safe and posting them to merchant accounts as provisional credit.

Field Service

Service data from the safe is made actionable to field service personnel to reduce unnecessary trips and ensure issues are addressed properly.

Alert Monitoring

Web services can be configured to turn safe data into real-time alerts via text message, email, or both.  These alerts can be configured for abnormal safe usage, security issues, or service problems.

Remote Management

The safe's configuration, user lists, application firmware, and bill validator firmware can all be updated and managed remotely.


The Cashtrak Connect interface (CTconnect), is a flexible library built for securely connecting smart devices such as phones, tablets, and terminals to our core equipment using a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) link.


Vcomm is Ellenby's library of functions for webservices to interpret data from the safes and send updates to the safes.