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What is the Reverse Engineering Process?

Replacing of updating obsolete PCB assemblies without drawings or documentation

Re-creating lost or missing PCB manufacturing files

Re-engineering an old PCB assembly up to current standards

Reverse engineering is not the same as copying or cloning

Resulting electronic functionality is the same or enhanced

Reverse engineering requires the skill and experience of an electrical engineer

Example of Reverse Engineering

Shipboard power supply board used in a tester for Helicopters.

The original board was no longer available.

Without reverse engineering the power supply was of no use.


                      Before Ellenby Reverse Engineering

 P0004663 001


After Ellenby Reverse Engineering

P0004648 001



  Benefits of Reverse Engineering (Re-Engineering and Retrofit Kits)

            * To keep older equipment working reliably when replacement boards are no longer available

          * To provide a very economic alternative to replacing an entire system

          * When the manufacturer of a product or part no longer exists, produces or provides support

          * To retain functionality and reduce costs with less expensive, available and more beneficial parts

          * If application no longer meets requirements or functions properly

          * Create new manufacturing Gerber files as replacements for lost or missing old files  

Benefits of using Ellenby Technologies for Reverse Engineering

Ellenby Technologies specializes in designing, manufacturing, and reverse engineering PCB assemblies in our 50,000 square foot Woodbury Heights, NJ facility.

Since 1988 we have successfully engineered, reverse engineered and manufactured electronic products and assemblies. Our reputation is earned by respecting your confidentiality and intellectual property.

Our staff of 12 engineers has 280 years of combined experience and will provide you with an accurate reverse engineered PCB assembly with updated manufacturing files, schematics, Gerber files and bill of materials. You can use our complete manufacturing service along with capability of providing you with a complete retrofit kit for implementation of your project.

We can reverse engineer most printed circuit boards, with no limits on nodes or pads, board size or components. In addition we can provide you with a complete retrofit kit.  


 Please call +1-856-848-2020 to discuss your application and requirements. or contact us for more information


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